‘Rapidan’ emerges from the history of the Underground Railroad. Its primary characters are southern participants in the great enterprise that spirited slaves to safety and freedom. The story opens in September 1862, when a wounded Confederate officer, having finished the first stage of his convalescence at the Chimborazo Army Hospital in Richmond, Virginia, moves to a private residence for the second stage. Here he finds himself under the care of twenty-year-old Anna Van Meer, who to his surprise proves staunchly opposed to the Southern cause. So why does she tend to a wounded Confederate? And what is the secret that she protects? ‘Rapidan’ is a fast-paced suspense tale and love story.

… “convinces in an accomplished, fresh, and indirect style. The author understands the period well. The intricacy with which he layers his characters’ historical imaginations can only enrich any reader’s understanding of the tensions of the 1860s and the tangled hearts of men and women.” — Kirkus Reviews

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“I rate this book 4 out of 4 stars. The subject matter had been studied extensively and was true to historical facts. The story was interesting and engaging, including the insights into slavery, the Underground Railroad and the freed slaves. I would recommend this book to readers of historical fiction and students of history in general.” — onlinebookclub.org