Out of the Jungle

In ‘The Man Who Walked Out of the Jungle,’ a seasoned American investigator seeks truth from a tragic incident deep in the rain forest north of Saigon.

“Darkness falls suddenly in Vietnam. Caught in the day’s final lumens, the ground-hugging air meanders like a water buffalo, and the temperature might dip a few degrees before the suffocating night settles.” — The Man Who Walked Out of the Jungle

“Noises are hard to isolate in the jungle. The harmonics span the chit-chit of insects, water dripping, wind fluting through the hanging vines, the screeches of parrots. The leaf canopy triplicates itself upward, each layer its own ecology that echoes in a different way. Below, moisture and insects dissolve prostrate things and secrete them into the soil with an incessant gurgle. Any sound might be close or far off.” — The Man Who Walked Out of the Jungle

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